It's a Live !

by Ghoulunatics


** Available soon **

1. Intro
2. Creepy Crawly
3. Mobster Fiesta Extravaganza
4. Mystralengine
5. King of the Undead
6. Tower 311
7. Melodrame
8. Howling Seasons
9. Oh! God the Stench
10. Cold Fish
11. Laic
12. Red Shovel
13. Nature Morte
14. Exuviae
15. Blood Curdling Tale

Gary Lyons Bass
Brian Craig Drums
Mark Hill-Anderson Guitars
Patrick Mireault Vocals
Pat Gordon Guitars

Recorded on Halloween 2003 in Montreal, Canada by Mathieu Bérubé, mixed and mastered by Yannick St-Amand.

Released by Galy Records




Ghoulunatics Montreal, Québec

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